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  • God as He Wants You to Know Him

God as He Wants You to Know Him

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Every believer has a need for an understanding of systematic theology, but very few theology books present material in a personal, devotional format that appeals to th most popular level of believers. Dr. Thrasher manages to communicate the most academic biblical truth with the heart and personal connection of a pastor, achieving a depth of knowledge at an extremely approachable level. It's the astute wisdom of a professor packaged in the comfortable relatability of a friend.


Nothing is more important to a child of God than his concept of God. Yet the church suffers from a God deemed too small, too distant or too fickle. Dr. Bill Thrasher has not only provided a masterful portrait of the living God, but he has also made this important area of doctrine immensely practical.

J. Paul Nyquist


Moody Bible Institute


Amazingly, this book delivers on its title! This book is having a profound impact on my confidence in and reverence for God. I hope that every seminary, church, small group, and individual will read, study, and discuss this classic.

Wayne Hopkins

Dean and Professor, Emeritus

Moody Graduate School of Chicago


For thirty years I have been pursuing the core of the core of God's global mission that led to the 10/40 Window geographic focus and the 4/14 Window demographic focus. Bill Thrasher's book, God As He Wants You to Know Him, gets to the core of how to develop a personal relationship with God and make a difference in this world. Transform the individual and you will transform the world.

Luis Bush

International Facilitator, Transform World Connections


For many, the word "Theology" conjures up images of a dull and dusty lecture. This book shatters that mold. Bill shares fresh insight into the character of God that is true to the Bible and presented in a readable, winsome way. This is how theology ought to be taught!

Charlie Dyer

Professor at Large of Bible at Moody Bible Institute, radio host of The Land and the Book


The book is thorough, rich with Scripture that describes the attributes of God, and very practical. The truth of knowing God becomes a great source of personal encouragement to the reader.

Dave Cortner

Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Cherry Hill, New Jersey


The cumulative impact of an orderly survey of God's revealed character, as in God As He Wants You to Know Him, is powerful indeed.

J.I. Packer

Professor of theology, author of Knowing God


Our Lord Jesus Christ said eternal life is to know the Father and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17:3). Therefore, there is no enterprise more important than seeking to "know" God. In this splendid and inspired book, Bill Thrasher offers us the core of what he has learned about knowing our heavenly Father through a loving relationship with Jesus Christ whom He has sent.

 Lyle W. Dorsett

 Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University



 Unquestionably, the most important truth we can ever know and experience is the biblical truth about God. After years of teaching students about God, Dr. Bill Thrasher has written, in a very readable style, a book that develops and explains the attributes of God and shows the reader how to enjoy intimate fellowship with God.

Paul Enns

Author of Moody Handbook of Theology


I'm convinced the best theologians are not in the ivory tower or the book-lined study. They wear out their shoes down in the trenches with people like you and me. In this book, Dr. William Thrasher gets down on my level and helps me understand the love and mercy and grace of God. This is one of the most important topics you'll ever study by a man who walks with God and has a heart for His people.

Chris Fabry

Radio host and author


The strength and usefulness of this important work is found in how Bill Thrasher personalizes the study of God's attributes.

Richard Yook

Physician, member of Board of Trustees, Moody Bible Institute.


In the great tradition of J.I. Packer and D. Broughton Knox, Bill Thrasher eloquently and lovingly teaches us how to know and serve the one living and merciful God. Thrasher's theology is biblical and pastoral, so it speaks to real life. His emphasis on God is much needed in an age that too often makes human beings the center of the universe.

Paul House

Professor, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University


Bill Thrasher's thorough writings offer the gateway to a rich life in Christ by biblically developing the attributes of God in a profound yet practical manner. It will be impossible to read this stimulating work without a highlighter and a pen.

David R. Pendley

President, Avenue Mortgage Corporation


This book encouraged me greatly in my own thinking about our glorious God, and I already have recommended it to several people in our church!

Steve Farish

Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church, Grayslake, Illinois


If you want to break out of a ritualistic, ineffective prayer life, you need to pick up this book, read it intently, and take it personally. It is your concept of God that will set you free!

Joseph Stowell

President, Cornerstone University


Rarely have I read a more practical, accessible, tenderly instructive presentation of the attributes of God. This book captures in one volume the exemplary application of biblical and theological truth with which all Bill's students are richly acquainted.

L. Daryle Worley, Jr.

Pastor/Teacher, Grace Church of DuPage, Illinois


If you want to know what God is like and how to have an intimate relationship with Him, read this book. I think it is a must read for anyone who would like a clearer understanding of the character and nature of God. It could change your life. It has mine.

Paul H. Johnson

Former Board of Trustees chairman, Moody Bible Institute


Knowing God as he has revealed himself is essential for a satisfying spiritual life. Dr. Bill Thrasher writes from a deep personal relationship with the God who has revealed himself.

John A. Jelinek,

Vice President, Academic dean and professor, Moody Theological Seminary


Bill Thrasher has been a dear friend and colleague for many years. This book flows from the model of his life! Bill truly is a "man of one thing," committed to knowing God and spending his life that others may know Him as well.

John Fuder

Director, Justice & Compassion Ministries, Resource Global/Heart For The City


In a day when so many Christian books are based on feeling and experience, it is encouraging to read a volume that is biblically substantive. I wholeheartedly commend it to the family of God.

Don Currin

HeartCry Missionary Society, Eastern Europe Coordinator


Here is a book that always points you back to the Good Book. Scripture citations abound on every page. But don't stop there! Thrasher doesn't just want you to know the Bible—he wants you to know the God about whom the Bible speaks!

Bryan Litfin

Professor of theology, Moody Bible Institute


Reading this work on the perfections of God is a profound lesson in theology and a moving devotional experience at the same time. It is written by a mature scholar who models its principles in daily life.

Dan Green

Professor, Moody Theological Seminary


This book encouraged me to delight in God throughout my day, every day of my life. God is a God of relationship and Dr. Bill Thrasher shows us how to focus on God's attributes as He displays those attributes in and through our lives.

Doreen Gagliano

Health policy analyst, centers for Medicare and Medicaid services


This book will move the reader into a place of deeper intimacy with God and is a must for any discipleship relationship. I plan on using it with those God sends me to mentor.

George Mosher

Registrar, Moody Bible Institute


We all wonder, What is God like? In this book Dr. Bill Thrasher gives us the answer —with the intent that our lives would be changed and conformed to the likeness of God's Son.

Greg Barr

Missionary to Quebec



A must-read for every believer! There is no better answer to every challenge or problem we face than to understand and know God! This book will renew and refresh your relationship with the God you can know.

Kevin Howells

Pastor of Small Groups, Park Community Church, Chicago


In a culture that seeks to know God on its own terms, Bill Thrasher's book provides a biblically-based, practical path forward for those who want to know God as he desires to be known.

J. Brian Tucker, Ph.D.

Associate professor of New Testament

Moody Theological Seminary


In this book you will encounter the character of God and the practical ramifications His character should have every day. If you live out these truths, your life will be forever transformed.

Matt Shada

Lead Pastor, Steadfast Bible Fellowship, Omaha, Nebraska


What makes this book so inviting is the author's personal application of them in his own life and his longing for his readers to do the same. Doctrine truly is devotional!

Cecil Sanders

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Headland, Alabama


God As He Wants You to Know Him exudes the same combination of careful scholarship and devotional warmth that make Dr. Thrasher's  classes well worth attending. This book would be a wonderful foundation for discipleship, teaching, or pastoral training.

Peter Grant

Founder and President, PreVision Partnership


I am always looking for resources to help people grow in their walk with the Lord, especially those who are new believers in Christ. I can't think of anything more importa

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-0422-0
Publish Date: May 2012
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback